Turkey letter from US senators

US senators conveyed the NATO approval rule to Sweden and Finland for the sale of F-16s to Turkey to US Leader Joe Biden.

In the USA, a cluster senator led by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Thom Tillis sent a letter to US Leader Joe Biden, inviting Turkey to approve the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland.

In the bipartisan letter, it was emphasized that the Congress should not initiate the sale of F-16s to Turkey if the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland is not approved.

The senators stated that Biden should contact US diplomats and allies and invite Turkey to act quickly on NATO approval.

The letter stated, “Until the NATO membership approval is granted, Congress cannot consider giving Turkey a basis in the future, including the sale of the F-16”.

Shaheen and Tillis co-chair the NATO Observation Group in the US Senate.

On the other hand, Ankara Ambassadors and representatives of the USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, England, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy were summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday regarding the temporary closure of consulates.

In the statement made by the ministry, it was stated that the reflections of the bet were conveyed to the ambassadors, and it was emphasized that such simultaneous activities do not constitute a proportional and prudent approach and that such approaches only serve the insidious agenda of terrorist organizations.