Twitter Crypto Price Index Expands

Social media platform Twitter has started expanding its crypto price index with more than 30 newly added cryptocurrencies.

social media platform twitterstarted expanding its crypto price index with over 30 newly added cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are the most active and easiest to introduce twitteris making various moves to have a greater say in the crypto space. Elon MuskThe company, which was acquired by the company, started to become a more crypto-heavy medium. NFTsupported profile photos, donations, coinsintegration and crypto price index He had outstanding work. Finally, the social media giant has added to the crypto price index it launched last month. 30Included different cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Tracking on Twitter Made Easy

Social media giant Twitter aims to make it easier to follow cryptocurrencies with its developments within the platform. on December 21 bitcoinand EthereumThe company, which started the crypto price index with the company, added 30 different cryptocurrencies to this feature.

This new addition is heavily focused on by the social media giant. cashtags It came as part of the feature. Crypto symbols written by bringing the dollar sign in front of the platform’s search place reduce the graphic price for these symbols to the result screen.

Among the added cryptocurrencies, USDT, XRP, ISLAND, LEFT, MATIC, AVAX, LTC Major coins are included. According to the latest data, the coins in the plugin have been drawn from the top 50 by market cap.