Unemployment claims in the US at 4-month low

Applications for unemployment benefits in the USA fell to the lowest level since September last week, while the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index showed that the contraction continued in the branch.

The U.S. Department of Labor has released information on weekly unemployment benefits applications.

Accordingly, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time in the country decreased by 15 thousand in the week ending January 14, compared to the previous week, and decreased to 190 thousand. Unemployment benefits, which declined to the lowest level in 4 months, contrary to market expectations, were expected to be realized at the level of 214,000 in this period.

The previous week’s data on unemployment benefits applications was not revised and kept as 205 thousand.

Last week, with its prestige, 4-week average unemployment benefits applications decreased by 6 thousand 500 people compared to the previous week and decreased to 206 thousand.

On the other hand, the ongoing unemployment applications increased by 17 thousand people in the week ending January 7 and reached 1 million 647 thousand.

Manufacturing index remained negative

The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index rose 4.8 points from last month to minus 8.9 in January.

Despite the increase in this period, the index, which shows that the contraction in the manufacturing section continues, was realized at the level of minus 13.7 in December last year.

In this period, although the new order index increased by 11 points, it was minus 10.9, while the shipment index increased by 12 points to 11.1. The employment index rose from minus 0.9 to 10.9.

Values ​​above zero in the indices prepared by the Philadelphia Fed will expand, underand higher prices indicate contraction.