Unemployment in the euro area remained stable in November

The unemployment rate in the euro area was 6.5 percent in November.

The European Statistical Office (Eurostat) has released the unemployment data for the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone for November.

Accordingly, the unemployment rate in the Euro Zone, which was 6.5 percent in October, did not change in November.

Unemployment rate was 7.1 percent in the Euro Area and 6.5 percent in the EU in November last year.

On a country basis, unemployment rate was 12.4 percent in Spain, 11.4 percent in Greece, 7.8 percent in Italy, 7 percent in France and 3 percent in Germany in November.

2.8 million young people are unemployed

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the EU, which was 6 percent in October, remained at the same level in November.

While the number of unemployed in the EU was 12 million 950 thousand in November, 10 million 849 thousand of them took place in the Euro Zone.

In November, the number of unemployed youth under the age of 25 was determined as 2 million 880 thousand in the EU and 2 million 353 thousand in the Euro Area. Youth unemployment rate was measured as 15.1 percent in the EU and Euro Area.