Uninterrupted Android update from Samsung to S23 models!

With Android 13, Samsung brings the A/B seamless Android update feature offered by Google with the Galaxy S23.

There are many criteria that we pay attention to when buying a smartphone. The first of these is the technical specifications of the device. But for many people, update support is just as important as hardware. Samsung also brings the seamless Android update feature first shared by Google with Pixel models. Here are the details…

Galaxy S23 will come with seamless Android update support!

Towards the end of last year, it was revealed that Google wanted manufacturers using the Android operating system to integrate the A/B seamless Android update feature. Of course, the first step at this point came from Samsung, the biggest name in the industry.

According to the statement, all Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are released with Android 13 installed will have to have the A / B update feature. The company also said it would guarantee it. In this case, Galaxy S23 models will support the seamless Android update feature.

This will allow the device to explicitly install the update. For example, many people skip the “Update Ready” text that appears when they are not available, by clicking the “Not Now” button. But this frustrating situation will no longer happen. Because after the device downloads the files, it will update in the background while you are using the phone.

Depending on whether this update is an operating system upgrade, error code fix or security patch that requires large file installation, you may be asked to restart your device. However, the loading part will be done in a way that the device is open and does not interfere with use.

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