US Air Force Funds Blockchain Firm

The US Air Force (USAF) has raised $30 million in strategic funding to Indiana-based blockchain firm SIMBA Chain.

US Air Force ( USAF), Indiana-based blockchain firm Strategic funding increase of $30 million to SIMBA Chainprovided.

The growing portfolio of blockchain startups is attracting intense interest from various countries and institutions. Especially recently, there have been serious blockchain initiatives on the US side. Initiatives at the state level showed that blockchain initiatives could increase in the near future. In addition, blockchain firm SIMBA Chain, which has been carrying out various projects with the US military in recent years, received a $30 million fund raise from the USAF.

US Air Force Supports Blockchain Firm

US Air Force ( USAF), a $30 million strategic fund raise to blockchain startup SIMBA Chain ( STRATFI) provided.

announced yesterday USAF stated that they are providing funds to identify and advance technologies that have the potential to secure its future dominance. USAF has given strong support to SIMBA Chain as part of its goals.

SIMBA Chain, Spends time at USAF researching and developing a blockchain infrastructure for supply chain logistics . For USAF, SIMBA in 2020 It provided $1.5 million in funding.