US Leader Biden evaluates inflation data

US President Joe Biden stated that although inflation is high in major economies around the world, it has decreased in the USA and provided “breathing space” for families.

Biden made evaluations about the economy and dealing with inflation at the press conference held at the White House.

Stating that there has been good news for the country’s economy for 6 months in a row, Biden reminded that inflation has decreased to 6.5 percent on an annual basis.

“While inflation is high in major economies around the world, it’s falling every month in America, giving families real breathing room,” Biden said. said.

Noting that the main reason for the decrease in inflation is the decrease in fuel prices, Biden pointed out that food inflation has also slowed down.

Biden stated that the data on core inflation, which does not include power and food prices, are also pleasing, and noted that core inflation fell to the lowest level in a year.

On the other hand, Biden stated that Republicans in the House of Representatives are preparing to vote on a bill for the national sales tax, and that this will reduce taxes for the wealthy and increase taxes for the middle class. Biden said he would veto this bill if it “gets to his desk”.

New ‘secret documents’ found at Biden’s Delaware residence

A new set of “secret documents” have been found at Biden’s residence in Delaware.

Richard Sauber, one of Biden’s advisors, said in a written statement on the matter that, after Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Affiliations on November 2, 2022, “confidential” documents were found, his lawyers were informed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). and that they are carrying out the process in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.

Biden’s statement on “secret documents”

Biden, who also answered the questions of the press members, noted that he took this issue very seriously regarding the “confidential documents” found in his residence in Delaware, and that the documents were found in a locked garage in his residence in Delaware, where his Corvette car was located.

Biden stated that his lawyers also discovered a small number of documents in his personal library, and that they immediately informed the Ministry of Justice on this matter and that they carried out the process in full cooperation with the ministry.