USA ordered! Apple and Google have to do this

The US Department of Commerce prepared a special report for Apple and Google. He touched on app stores and sideloading.

We know that Apple is against sideloading (sideloading or APK). Does not allow to install applications on iPhone from third channels Apple, USA It looks like he won’t like the last report of his administration. The latest analysis, signed by the US Department of Commerce, looks at Apple and Google’s app stores.

US government: Sideloading should be allowed on iPhone and iPad

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the US Department of Commerce, the mobile application market, Apple and Google published a report on the role played by companies such as The NTIA report argues that these companies’ current practices have led to increased prices and reduced innovation.

The report also App Store and Google Play Store It says it should be open source. It suggests that iPhone and iPad users should be able to download and install third-party apps or app stores. This could put an end to the sideloading restriction that Apple has had for years.

NTIA also in-app payment systemHe said it was incorrect to be determined by Apple or Google, saying that Apple and Google should “allow the installation and full functionality of third-party web browsers.”

The response from Apple and Google was quick after the report. Apple said it did not agree with a number of conclusions reached in the report and were not in line with company fundamentals. Google, on the other hand, said the report’s characterization of Android was incorrect.

We know that Apple has made statements against sideloading many times before. Apple officials stated that 99 percent of their malware that endangers Android users is not on iOS.

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