Users Prepared Their Digital Wallets for Togg NFT Collection

Nearly 20 thousand people prepared their digital wallets to participate in the auction of the Togg NFT collection, which was prepared for the centennial of the Republic.

Specially prepared for the centennial of the Republic Togg NFT collectionto participate in the auction Nearly 20 thousand people prepared their digital wallets.

togg, “100th Anniversary Special Series”It attracts great attention with its 2023 NTF collection. “100th Anniversary Special Series”Auction of the NFT collection, which will grant the right to pre-order Togg Smart Devices and determine the order of pickup. Nearly 20 thousand people prepared their digital wallets through the Trumore application. Sunday, February 5More users are expected to create wallets for the auction, which will start today.

Togg’s 100th Anniversary Special Series NFT Collection Attracts Great Interest

“100th Anniversary Special Series”Provide the right to pre-order and set pickup order for Togg Smart Devices “one hundred. Year Special Series”NFTs can be purchased via auction The number of people who started using the Trumore application has exceeded 200 thousand.

For the 2023 NFT collection February 5 at 19:23the auction, which will begin by February 15will continue until

Meet with users a short time ago Trumoreapplication so far More than 200,000 people signed up.Also, if the number of active sessions is Over 1.1 million.Eight people using the Trumore application, which will offer solutions that will make life easier for its users “one hundred. Year Special Series”Togg Smart Device won the test drive.

The countdown to the auction has begun

app Store, Google playAnd app Gallerymade available via Trumoredownload the app Tru.IDUsers who create it, transfer money to their digital asset wallets. AVAXvia the “NFT Purchase Platform”, which will also be located in the same area. NFTcan bid for.

If the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction, the right to pre-order will belong to the bidder. Thanks to the ‘buy now’ option in the application, users will be able to have the NFT they are interested in without waiting for the end of the auction period.