Uzbekistan: Natural gas transportation system will not be transferred

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan stated that within the scope of the “road map” signed with Gazprom, the country’s natural gas transportation system will not be given to the Russian company.

The Ministry of Power of Uzbekistan made a statement regarding the “road map” signed with Gazprom.

In the statement, it was noted that the working cluster created in the middle of the parties in accordance with the “road map” agreed to carry out the necessary technical studies for natural gas transit over the “Central Asia-Central” pipe border passing through the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and after technically completing all the works of the working cluster, it will be able to supply natural gas. It was stated that the main conditions will be discussed.

In the statement, it was stated that the negotiations and the signed roadmap aimed to supply natural gas to the domestic market at the required extent by holding the ownership of the existing gas transportation system, together with all administrative rights, and said, “The period of the natural gas transportation system is not a random threat to anyone or our sovereignty. ‘ it was said.

In the statement, it was stated that the ministry will continue to carry out all its works in accordance with the national interests of Uzbekistan and will always inform the public about the results of these studies.

A “road map” for cooperation in the natural gas field was signed yesterday in the middle of Uzbekistan with the Russian power company Gazprom. The fact that the Uzbek side did not make a random statement regarding this had led to various speculations in the country’s public opinion.