Venom Ventures Fund Establishes Strategic Partnership with Everscale

Venom Ventures Fund announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Everscale aimed at solving scalability issues.

Venom Ventures Fundwith Everscale, which aims to solve scalability issues. a strategic partnershipannounced that it was established.

Iceberg Capital LimitedVenom Ventures Fund, the Web3 and blockchain innovation fund led by Everscale, which focuses on the Web3 sector committed to investing $5 million . Blockchain project everscale will enlarge the development team and increase the number of projects with this investment. The investment will be made in stages.

Venom Ventures Fund Provides Strong Support to Everscale

Venom Ventures Funddrawing attention with its project structure and the community it creates. It will make a $5 million investment in Everscale.The duo will also work together to integrate blockchain adoption into real business use cases.

Venom Ventures Fund, Started by Iceberg Capital Limited with Venom Foundation . Former CIO of BlackRock Peter Knez, Chairman of Venom Ventures Fundsaid the following on the subject;

“For us, this is a strategic investment aimed at the technological development of projects and teams around technologies that we focus and actively develop. Specifically, we’re talking about the Venom blockchain project and ecosystem, which is scheduled to launch soon and where Everscale is a potential Layer-2 solution.”

Venom and Everscaleteams aim to take blockchain adoption to the outside world and further develop the ecosystem. Everscale also stands out with solving scalability problems.

Everscale Foundation Board Member Moon Young Lee, said the following about investment and strategic partnership;

“This is a milestone for both the Everscale and Venom networks. Everscale’s technological capabilities are enormous, but underappreciated by the wider public. Now Everscale can operate as an experimental network where updates and complex technical solutions can be delivered before being brought to Venom. This investment will enable Everscale to gain the recognition it deserves.”