What does a Game Artist do?

LinkedIn lists the 15 jobs that have grown the fastest in the last five years and the jobs of the future. 5th on the list is Game Artist. Well, what does a Game Artist do? Here are the details…

The 2023 Emerging Occupations List is a study using LinkedIn information to identify the 15 fastest growing jobs over the past five years. Ranked first according to LinkedIn’s list of 15 professions Game Designer (game designer) Blockchain Developer was in second place and Growth Specialist was in third place. Fifth on the list Game Artist is located. well What does a Game Artist do? In which branches does it work? What skills are required? Here are the details…

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What does a Game Artist do?

Here’s how LinkedIn describes it: “Game artists work with game designers and game developers to create artistic elements such as locations and characters in digital games using 3D modeling and illustration.”

A game artist is the person responsible for the creation of visual content for the game during the game design and production process. These may include the game’s characters, locations, effects, interfaces, and other visual elements. The game artist creates the visual language for the game to support the atmosphere and story of the game.

Game artists use a range of tools and software used to design content such as the graphics, characters, locations, effects and interfaces of games. In the middle of these tools are well-known software such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush and Unity.

Game artisans are always collaborating with the game design group and other game developers and submitting content they design to support the game’s visual form, story and mechanics.

Game artists may also involve creating concept art, character design, location design, effects design and other visual elements for games.

In order to work in this field, it is necessary to have received training in related fields such as graphic design, art or cinema production and to have a sufficient knowledge of software and tools.


According to LinkedIn information, valuable information about the business is as follows:

  • Most common abilities: Blender, Unity, Game Design

  • Most common branches: Technology and Media, Revel Providers, Education

  • Most recruited positions: Istanbul, Ankara

  • Education Level of Employees: High School (4.35%), Associate Degree (2.17%), Undergraduate (43.48%), Master’s or higher (50%)

  • Current gender distribution: Female (45%); Male (55%)

  • Median years of experience prior to this role: 1.9

  • Positions transitioned to this title: 3D Modeling Specialist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

  • Ability to work remotely: 15.5%