What does a Game Developer do?

LinkedIn has listed the 15 job areas and future jobs that have shown the fastest growth in the last five years with its emerging jobs list. Game Developer is 7th on the list. Well, what does a Game Developer do? Here are the details…

The 2023 Emerging Occupations List is a study using LinkedIn information to identify the 15 fastest growing jobs over the past five years. Ranked first according to LinkedIn’s list of 15 professions Game Designer (game designer)Second Blockchain Developerif in third place Growth Specialist there was. Seventh on the list Game Developer is located. Alright What does a Game Developer do? In which departments does it work? What skills are required? Here are the details…

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What Does a Game Developer Do?

Here’s how LinkedIn describes it: “Game Developers are software experts who create a digital game from scratch with different types of coding languages ​​depending on technical needs and which platform the game is on.”

A game developer takes part in the process from the design, development, testing and release of games. It may also include the following duties:

  • Game idea and concept design

  • graphic and sound design

  • Game engine and software development

  • Testing game mechanics and experience

  • Publishing the game and making subsequent updates

Game developers often work as teams and can have different roles to suit the different needs of each game.


According to LinkedIn information, valuable information about the business is as follows:

  • Most common abilities:Unity, Game Development, C#

  • The most common sections are:Technology and Media, Professional Services, Revel Providers

  • Most recruited positions:Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

  • Education Level of Employees:Below High School (0.74%), High School (4.41%), Associate Degree (5.15%), Undergraduate (61.76%), Master’s or Above (27.94%)

  • Current gender distribution: female (9%); Male (91%)

  • Median years of experience prior to this role:1.5

  • Positions that have transitioned to this title:Software Engineer, Unity Developer, Full Stack Engineer

  • Ability to work remotely:22.9%