What does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer do?

LinkedIn has listed the 15 jobs and future jobs that have shown the fastest growth in the last five years with its emerging jobs list. 6th in the list is Artificial Intelligence Engineer. Well, what does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer do? Here are the details…

The 2023 Emerging Occupations List is a study using LinkedIn information to identify the 15 fastest growing jobs over the past five years. Ranked first according to LinkedIn’s list of 15 professions Game Designer (game designer)Second Blockchain Developer in third place was the Growth Specialist. Sixth on the list Artificial Intelligence Engineer is located. well What does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer do? In which branches does it work? What skills are required? Here are the details…

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What Does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer Do?

Here’s how LinkedIn describes it: “Artificial intelligence engineers are responsible for designing machine learning algorithms and programming machines to work logically and efficiently just like a human brain. They are also responsible for running these programs.”

Artificial Intelligence Engineer takes the mission for the development, implementation and optimization of artificial intelligence technologies. In the midst of their work:

  • Data analytics and modeling

  • Algorithm selection and design

  • Model training and fine-tuning

  • Evaluation and reporting of model performance

  • Design and development of artificial intelligence systems

  • Managing bets on data security and privacy

The AI ​​engineer may be responsible for the design and implementation of AI applications in industry, healthcare, education, finance, and other fields, bringing together knowledge of information science, mathematics, computer science, and other technological fields.


According to LinkedIn information, valuable information about the business is as follows:

  • Most common abilities:Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence

  • The most common cuts:Technology and Media, Professional Services, Production

  • Most recruited positions:Istanbul

  • Education Level of Employees:High School (3.64%), Undergraduate (27.27%), Master’s or higher (69.09%)

  • Current gender distribution: female (21%); Male (79%)

  • Median years of experience prior to this role:1.5

  • Situations where this title has been transferred:Software Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer

  • Ability to work remotely:39.5%