What does Back End Developer do?

LinkedIn has listed the 15 job areas and future jobs that have shown the fastest growth in the last five years with its emerging jobs list. Back End Developer is 13th on the list. Well, what does Back End Developer do? Here are the details…

The 2023 Emerging Occupations List is a study using LinkedIn information to identify the 15 fastest growing jobs over the past five years. Ranked first according to LinkedIn’s list of 15 professions Game Designer (game designer)Second Blockchain Developerif in third place Growth Specialist there was. thirteenth on the list Backend Developer is located. Alright Backend Developerwhat does it do? In which departments does it work? What skills are required? Here are the details…

Check out the LinkedIn list: Here are the emerging professions: 15 recognized statuses in demand, according to LinkedIn (2023)

What Does a Back End Developer Do?

Here’s how LinkedIn describes it: “Back End Developers work in the background of software projects to build and code systems that are invisible to end users. They are also responsible for ensuring that the projects and programs they are responsible for run smoothly.”

Back-end developer develops systems that build and process the back end of web and portable applications. These systems fulfill missions of collecting, storing, processing and distributing information as well as an interface that users can see visually. Back-end developers often do the following tasks:

  1. Database Administration: Designing and installing database systems for the collection, storage and management of information.

  2. API Development: Designing and coding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable information flow between front-end and other systems.

  3. Server Administration: Configuring, installing and managing servers required for web applications to run.

  4. Data Analytics and Reporting: Designing and coding software assays for analyzing and reporting data.

Back-end developers should master the stakes such as database administration, server configuration and information analytics, and should follow the latest technological developments in these areas. In one-on-one time, front-end developers should collaborate with designers and other team members to keep all components of the application in one place.


According to LinkedIn information, valuable information about the business is as follows:

  • Most common abilities:Git, PostgreSQL, JavaScript

  • The most common branches are:Technology and Media, Professional Services, Financial Services

  • Most recruited positions:Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

  • Education Level of Employees:High School (4.75%), Associate Degree (5.7%), Undergraduate (55.7%), Master’s or higher (33.86%)

  • Current gender distribution: female (14%); Male (86%)

  • Median years of experience prior to this role:2.3

  • Situations where this title has been transferred:Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Web Developer

  • Ability to work remotely:38.5%