What does the Patient Coordinator do?

LinkedIn has listed the 15 jobs and future jobs that have shown the fastest growth in the last five years with its emerging jobs list. 8th on the list is the Patient Coordinator. So, what does the Patient Coordinator do? Here are the details…

The 2023 Emerging Occupations List is a study using LinkedIn data to identify the 15 fastest growing jobs over the past five years. Ranked first according to LinkedIn’s list of 15 professions Game Designer (game designer)Second Blockchain Developerif in third place Growth Specialist there was. Eighth on the list Patient Coordinator is located. Alright Patient Coordinatorwhat does it do? In which departments does it work? What skills are required? Here are the details…

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What Does the Patient Coordinator Do?

Here’s how LinkedIn describes it: While helping to manage the health and treatment needs of the patient, patient coordinators are also responsible for analyzing the problems experienced between the patient and the health institution and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Patient Coordinator is responsible for connecting with patients and their relatives, meeting the needs of patients during their stay in hospital or medical units, solving problems and guaranteeing patient satisfaction. In other words, the Patient Coordinator makes a mission to optimize the patient’s experience in the hospital or medical unit. In the middle of these, there may be duties such as making hospital appointments, making patient registration processes, informing patients and their relatives, listening to and resolving patient complaints.


According to LinkedIn data, valuable information about the business is as follows:

  • Most common abilities:Medical Education, Health, Translation

  • The most common sections are:Hospitals and Health Services, Cümbüş Services, Public Administration

  • Most recruited positions:Istanbul

  • Education Level of Employees:High School (1.72%), Associate Degree (6.9%), Undergraduate (63.79%), Master’s or higher (27.59%)

  • Current gender distribution: female (42%); Male (58%)

  • Median years of experience prior to this role:1.5

  • Situations where this title has been transferred:Translator

  • Ability to work remotely:N/A