What is online therapy?

What is Online Therapy?

The spiritual support provided to you online with your computer, tablet or mobile phone is called online therapy. According to the researches, online therapies provided via computer, tablet or mobile phone are at least as effective as face-to-face therapies.

Who Is Online Therapy Suitable For?

Online therapies are suitable for adolescents, adults and couples. Preschool (2-6 years old) and school age (6-10 years old) children should be interviewed face-to-face first.

What Problems Is Online Therapy Good For?


postpartum depression

Anxiety Disorders

Social Anxiety

Exam Anxiety

Stress Management

Problems With Binary Relevance


Panic Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy especially helps individuals who leave work late, cannot leave their home because they have a child, who have travel mania, and who have difficulty in continuing treatment regularly due to time and break. Individuals who hesitate to meet with a psychologist face-to-face can also start treatment online.

Who Should You Get Online Therapy From?

You can request a copy of the graduation document to make sure that your psychologist, from whom you will receive online therapy, is a psychology graduate. You should find out which school your psychologist works in. You can request that the school he works for send you his certificates / documents to make sure that he has received his education.

What Technological Infrastructure Do I Need for Online Therapy?

If you have an internet connection that will not impair the image and sound quality, a computer with an internal or external camera, a tablet or a mobile phone, you can get online therapy service.

What is the Suitable Environment for Therapy?

Your online therapy session will be 50 minutes, just like face-to-face therapy sessions. During this period, it is sufficient to connect from an environment where you will not be disturbed, your voice will not be heard by others or you will not worry about being heard.

What Happens If I’m Late for Online Therapy?

You will receive a reminder message the day before your therapy session. Your session will be entirely reserved for you. If you are late, we can add time if there is no other session after your session, but when there is another session, if you are late, it is not added to the end of the session.

Should the process that started with Online Therapy continue online?

No. You can turn online therapy into face-to-face therapy whenever you want.

How Can I Make An Online Therapy Appointment?

In order for us to contact you instantly, you can call directly, write on Whatsapp or make an appointment via the doctor’s website.

Then we will make an appointment for you and we will wait for you to transfer to the iban number we gave you.

When the time of your appointment comes, we will start your session with you via whatsapp, zoom or Google meet.