What is the difference between dread and worry?

What is the difference between worry and fuss?

In general, we see that the terms horror and fear are used interchangeably. Actually, these two terms have different meanings. Horror is an automatic response to a particular object, situation or circumstance, it involves recognizing a potential danger. It usually arises from the desire of man to defend himself.

Fear, on the other hand, is a complex state that lasts much longer, often triggered by a preliminary terror. It can be explained as having a common, disturbing and unknown worry. Fear is always future-oriented; What happens if …? ‘ works with blood.

The main difference between anxiety and worry is their point of origin. Anxiety arises in situations for which the cause is known (eg dog attack.) whereas worry arises in response to a medical hazard that may arise in the future (eg: what if I lose my job). Anxiety is a healthy feeling. So its existence is not a thoughtful state for individuals. However, it would not be true to say the exact thing for fear. In particular, a high level of fear indicates various setbacks.