What is this self-confidence?

“Confidence is the combination of one’s position in the world, the level of comfort with people, and the potential to overcome difficulties in life.”

What Is This Confidence?

“Confidence is the combination of one’s position in the world, the level of comfort with people, and the potential to overcome difficulties in life.”

If we explain this definition; When we look at a confident person, we can clearly see that he has these three characteristics:

1) It is aware that man is the most valuable being on earth, and he acts with this awareness and lives with this awareness.

2) The most indispensable part of our life is to communicate with people, isn’t it? Do you go through a day where we don’t communicate, don’t talk to people? We communicate with our parents during the day. When we go out, we have a conversation and share feelings with the grocery store, the minibus, our classmates at school, our colleagues at work, and most importantly, with the person we like. In short, communication is one of the key points of our lives. If we can communicate with confidence, the reactions of the people we talk to will also be in a way that will elevate us and make us happy.

3) There is an important critical point in life that leads us to failure:

“To give up quickly in the face of difficulties we face.” To give up at the slightest obstacle is to declare ourselves defeated before we even begin. This naturally brings failures.

Confident people will never accept failure without trying. Because they think like this, they do not turn their backs on obstacles. He goes over obstacles and they overcome them.

Another point is; Just because self-confident people see themselves as the smartest, most successful person in the world doesn’t mean they are. But the brain has a trick: “Whatever it believes, it begins to act in accordance with the belief of body and mind. Pretty good things are accomplished with good beliefs. Life brings beauty.” We shape the world we live in and what will happen to us with our thoughts. When we manage to see ourselves as the most valuable, smartest and most successful person in the world, we can start living a completely different life.

What Can Cause a Lack of Self-Confidence?

Wrong Upbringing

Self-confidence is a feature in human character. People with strong character have high self-esteem. Childhood and adolescence are the times when character development is at its maximum. In these periods, if families cannot give their children the character traits they need to be a quality individual, unfortunately, the problem of lack of self-confidence arises.

Social Conditioning

There is a feature that has been engraved in human nature. People do what they see from the people around them. He adopts the behaviors of the people around him and the thoughts they have. This means: “If there are insecure, unsuccessful, ordinary people around us, our character develops in this direction and we become an insecure individual.”

After the family, the factor that most affects our character development is; our friends.

I am sure that you have experienced this situation before: You have made friends with someone and loved them very much. There are moments when you want to tell her everything and be with her all the time. He has been your best friend. Your close friend also has some special word patterns that he often uses: Haji, baby, bro, bro, etc. He always addresses you in this way. After a while, you start to use these words without realizing it. And then you see that your speaking styles are the same. Just like in the way of speaking, you copy your best friend’s character traits, outlook on life, thoughts, and self-confidence. The people around you actually determine who you are. Do not forget this!

The more time you spend with people who are confident, social, and successful in relationships, the easier it is to become a confident person.

Confidence Crushing Failures

From the day we are born, we begin to experience failures in life. When we are babies, we fall to the ground in our first walking attempts and when we start school, we get low grades in exams and fail. We fail to win the heart of the girl or man we like when we first fall in love, and fail to find a job when it’s time to go into business. In summary, we often fail at every stage of life. This breaks our self-confidence. All you have to do is hug yourself in these situations so we can move on.