What is traumatic masturbation syndrome?

It is an atypical masturbation habit that does not resemble sexual intercourse. It can be out of the ordinary by lying face down, rubbing against objects or applying a lot of pressure. The most common form today is masturbation in dry form. Masturbation in this state causes a lot of pressure on the penis. During normal attention, there is no such high pressure. Therefore, the penis cannot feel properly stimulated or sensed during normal intercourse.

How does traumatic masturbation syndrome affect my life?
 Losing interest in sex
 Inability to get an erection even after being properly stimulated by your partner
 Inability to orgasm or ejaculate
 Inability to maintain an erection

What is the treatment for traumatic masturbation syndrome?
First of all, the form of masturbation that causes trauma should be abandoned. It would be nice to moderate masturbation for a while so that the penis sensation becomes normal. Afterwards, classical masturbation can be done with a suitable lubricant. The duration of masturbation should not exceed the duration of sexual intercourse. However, we recommend drug therapy, behavioral therapy and sexual therapy for erectile and orgasm problems that do not improve.