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WhatsApp is now working on adding the “Stored Messages” feature to its app.

WhatsApp is preparing to offer a new feature to its users: How will the “Saved Messages” feature work, what will it do?

Although WhatsApp is the most used option, it lags behind its competitors like Telegram in terms of features. But it seems to be trying with all its might to meet the requirements.

According to the latest news, Meta, the owner of the application, is working on a new WhatsApp feature that will allow users to store lost notifications.

According to rumors, this feature of Meta’s instant messaging platform ” Stored Messages ‘ will be named. WhatsApp users can use this feature to save lost messages and keep them as they are, visible to all. This will ensure that the message is visible to you even if it has expired. However, it is also clear that a visual adjustment will be made to distinguish these types of messages from other regular conversations.

Disappearing messages are messages that a user can send in a group or individual chat that are automatically deleted or lost after a certain period of time from all connected devices. WABetaInfo is launching this new WhatsApp feature that will give users more control over disappearing notifications. Stored MessagesIt detected ” in the beta version.

Stored notifications will have their own bookmark icons to distinguish them from other chats. However, it is stated that the new WhatsApp’s Stored Posts feature is still under development, and it is not yet known when or if the feature will be made available to the general public. This feature is also not widely available to beta testers.