Which Specialization Does Headache Include?

Which specialty deals with headache disorder? Neurology Specialist Professor Dr. Levent Sinan Bir states that most of the headaches are caused by neurology.

Which specialty deals with headache disorder? Neurology Specialist Professor Dr. Levent Sinan Bir emphasized that the majority of headaches fall into the field of neurology.

One was the guest of the Metropol Sıhhat program broadcast on Metropol TV. prof. Dr. Answering Bülent Topuz’s questions, Prof. One gave information about neurological diseases in general and also gave information about MS disease. Pointing out that neurology, in general terms, is a clinical branch that deals with the treatment of border system disorders, Prof. Dr. Levent Sinan Bir said, “There are many areas that we overlap and follow common patients. Neurology is actually a consultation branch. Reaching a diagnosis sometimes overlaps with other professions, sometimes not with other occupations. A cluster of them also covers the ear nose and throat branch. They’re about to get dizzy. We know that when there is a problem with your eye, you go to the eye doctor quickly when there is a problem with your vision. Neurology often stays in the background, if there is no problem in your eye, it may be a problem in the visual center or the brain, or there may be a problem in the field of vision, it sends an eye shot to us, a disease related to us may occur and we can follow it. However, we experience the opposite of this in otorhinolaryngology. People do not think of the inner ear first. In fact, our stability organ is our balance. A valuable cause of dizziness comes from the inner ear. Cases that need to be followed up by 3 doctors may be the subject of speech, and rheumatological diseases are the leading ones. They also have a very valuable rate of neurological complications,” he said.

Neurology treats headaches

Pointing out that most of the headaches are in the field of neurology, Prof. Dr. Bir said, “Epileptic cases, the initiation of the central border system, diseases that originate from the immune system and the influx of the immune system, these are dementia syndromes, that is, dementia in the public, or memory disorders in easier forms are of interest to us. Hand and foot numbness, tingling, weakness in other sexes, these are our basic diseases that are always within the scope of neurology. Here, we can actually say that the diseases we have are a cluster of diseases that we call syndromes. In other words, the fact that the patient has diabetes does not mean that we can quickly attribute these features to diabetes. As a result, it must undergo a technological evaluation. The patient started to feel numbness in his hand and foot. These conditions should definitely be evaluated by neurology. In these complaints, there may sometimes be discontinuous complaints due to hyperglycemia, as well as those that damage the cable car ends. In the case of polyneuropathy, especially an electrophysiological team, the definition should be absolute and the treatment should be determined according to the type,” he said. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)