Who is behind the complaints pouring in Google? Real Musk or invalid Musk?

It turned out that a person who introduced himself as “Elon Musk” made a request to Google to remove thousands of relationships. The real question is: Is this person real Musk or could he be a fictitious Musk?

Since Musk has a fairly large following, the memes he posts circulate far beyond Twitter. This is inspiring some ‘entrepreneurs’ to set up dropship services that print Musk’s memes on t-shirts and other artifacts and use them for their business.

So much so, that printed t-shirts decorated with Musk’s memes are now sold in various online stores and there is a heavy demand for such works.

But now Elon Musk It turned out that a person who claims that he is the same has been bombarding Google with notifications demanding that such works be taken down in recent days. The requests are urging the search engine to remove listings of T-shirts emblazoned with memes shared by the tech billionaire. Even Tesla AI DayA copy of his shirt is also in the middle of the complaints.

Although Elon Musk is not certain, it seems likely that there is a fraudster in the middle. But on the other hand, this playing online“There may also be an attempt by seven Musk to make his name known to a wider audience.

The DMCA is now receiving heavy-handed requests from Google to remove links to copyright-infringing t-shirts from search results. In one of the requests, someone nicknamed ‘Musk’ even referred to one of his ‘own’ tweets. “The following websites have stolen my copyright and they have no right to sell them, please remove the following contacts from search results” he also wrote. Let’s see what the result will be?