Why are we bored?

Sometimes we get bored when we think that life is monotonous and we don’t like what we do. It is impossible to find something exciting every time in the routine flow and monotony of life and to feel the liveliness and color of life.

Research has shown that distress is primarily caused by an inability to focus attention and awareness, and an inability to focus attention on any random thing brings out the agony of life. The problem we face in finding the cause of the pain of life is to look for the cause of the thought of life in external factors that we cannot control. Boredom can push you to come up with ideas to help you talk things out again, but it can also create risk factors for worry, anger, social delay, weight gain, and even premature death. In order to understand human nature and the possible risks and opportunities, we must first analyze the factors that cause distress from a spiritual point of view. When we think of life gloom, the first thing that comes to our mind is not being able to find anything to do. This situation has been described very nicely with the fact that “if the goal is not a dream, the ezhan will return to the people”. In fact, we see that most of the idle people complain about the pain of life. Because those who do not have a specific purpose and purpose are faced with their inner world and their worries, worries and fears. The mind always preoccupies the person with negative feelings. It is also defined as a lack of attention and inability to concentrate when trying to complete a task, responsibility or activity that includes feelings that we do not want to feel. It causes many negative emotions such as grief, loneliness, anger, sadness and horror. To better understand the suffering of the soul, let’s take a closer look at its causes;


Mental fatigue may accompany the causes of distress. Many activities that always require attention to details and one-to-one processes, such as work, projects, cooking, in our daily life, come back as a burden of life. Just as you follow the procedures and processes, the activities you are in will never change. In other words, if your focus is not repeated and changed, you will inevitably get bored after a while.


Being interested in activities close to one’s abilities and skills and the state of harmony, also called being in the right place at the right time, are in the middle of the spiritual factors that determine the suffering. You’ll get clearer, faster results when your skills are true to the challenge of the activities you’re facing, so you can focus without getting bored. However, if you cannot achieve this harmony, you will quickly get bored.


There are those around us who get bored very quickly, as well as those who are not. The difference between when and under what conditions you can get bored is how much room you can make for innovation in your life. People who experience less innovation, excitement and diversity in their lives are more likely to be bored than others. That’s why we should always try to change our lives.


Studies show that attention problems are one of the main causes of grief. We can get bored when we can’t focus on a certain place or something. People who have trouble concentrating (attention deficit or hyperactivity problems) are prone to death.


One of the factors that cause distress is low conscious awareness. Studies show that people who have difficulty identifying with their feelings and who have not developed self-confidence have more life problems. The inability of people to define their feelings, not knowing what they want, not being able to talk about themselves, and not choosing the most appropriate intentions necessary to connect with the outside world.


The person needs external factors to fill the sense of emptiness in his inner world, and when external factors do not meet these needs, the person becomes disappointed and feels that disappointment causes pain. When you meet your needs yourself, you can continue your life without getting bored.


People naturally get bored when they feel trapped, when their freedom is blocked, and when they can’t do what they want to do. A person who acts according to his will reveals the pain of his soul when there is a factor that prevents him from acting with his will. Although the burden is perceived negatively in terms of psychology and feelings, it is a great driving force and turns it into useful behavior thanks to this power. Gloom helps us understand how much of what we do is a loss to us and how much is valuable to us.