Will DOGE Rise Again? Will There Be Twitter Integration?

When we take a look at the crypto money market, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is in the 22nd with a slight correction.

When we take a look at the crypto money market, we see that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin regressed to $ 22,900 with a minor correction, while Ethereum is in the region of $ 1,500. Dogecoin ranks first among the winners of the last 24 hours. We will examine together why DOGE has excited its investors with its 6% rise in the last 24 hours, why it has risen, will the rise continue and where are the levels to be followed.

Twitter Will Add Cryptos To Its Payment System

Many of you must have heard, Elon Musk has been planning to integrate cryptocurrencies as a payment system on Twitter for a while. According to the latest report from the Financial Times, Twitter CEO Elon Musk wants Twitter payments to be primarily in fiat currencies, but engineers will develop the payment product so that crypto payments can be added in the future.

After this development, DOGE, of which Elon Musk was the biggest supporter, experienced an 8 percent increase in a short time. Musk previously announced that he plans to have Twitter become the app for everything, including payments and shopping, as well as messaging. In fact, many news sites shared that Musk also discussed the idea of ​​​​paying users a small amount per tweet with DOGE, but later gave up. Twitter developers, who are still working for payment systems, say that this system can be used within a year.

Will Burger King Accept DOGE?

Musk recently said that if McDonalds accepts Dogecoin, he will eat a children’s menu on television. Thereupon, McDonalds rival Burger King responded with a tweet and used the following expressions: “Only a king understands what coins do.” After this tweet, many Dogecoin investors began to think that Burger King could accept payments with DOGE.

Will DOGE Continue to Rise?

The popular meme token is currently in the $0.093 zone. The asset, which formed the base on the $ 0.080 region, managed to rise to these levels with the steady rise it experienced. The 0.093 region is also the resistance point of the popular asset. A move above the first major resistance level at $0.093 could push the price higher towards the $0.098 resistance. Any further gains could allow the asset to see the $0.100 level. If DOGE reaches the $0.100 region, it could open the doors for an increase to $0.112.