Yıldız Ventures Marked the Year 2022!

Established by Yıldız Holding, Yıldız Ventures left its mark on 2022 by evaluating more than 900 start-ups and more than 70 VC funds.

Yıldız Holdingfounded by Star Ventures, from 900more start-ups and from 70valuing excess VC funds 2022marked the year.

Yıldız Holding, corporate venture capital ( CVC) is taking strong steps with Yıldız Ventures, which aims to grow innovative business ideas. VC‘s TurkeyIt also facilitates the emergence of many innovative business ideas. Star Ventures invests in new ventures focusing on food, consumer and retail technologies. Yildiz Holding VCfocuses on sectors such as supply chain, financial technologies, data usage, artificial intelligence and logistics in this ecosystem, especially e-commerce.

Yıldız Ventures Had a Full Year

Yıldız Holding’s entrepreneurial branch, Yıldız Ventures, managed to attract attention with its awards and investments in 2022. Established in 2019, Yıldız Ventures completed 2022 with its growth performance.

earlybird Venture capitaland Revo capitalYıldız Ventures, which supports many funds, including venture capital investment funds such as; 2022venture capital firm Gozde Tech Venturesalso by establishing 59 percentu international, 41 percentincluding local from 900with more start-ups and from 70more VChad the opportunity to evaluate the fund.

Star VenturesFounder and CEO Yahya Ulker, global and domestic early stage technology VCTo invest directly in funds and independent sector early-stage growth startups, 2022at the beginning of the year Gözde Venture Capital Investment Trust‘s new generation technology investment arm Gozde Tech VenturesHe stated that they established the

Together with Gözde Tech Ventures, investments are made to bring innovative business ideas to life on a global scale. Stating that they support pioneering initiatives in their field, Ülker stated that they organized 24 investment committees throughout the year.

Yıldız Ventures Also Supported Women Entrepreneurs

Arya Women’s Investment Platformof Beyond The Billioninitiated in collaboration “100 Million Dollars for Women Entrepreneurs in Turkey and Neighboring Countries”One of the first supporters of the campaign Star VenturesIn 2022, direct and indirect venture capital fund investments and female founders or female co-founders Approximately 1.2 million to 29 startupsdollars of capital.

Yıldız Ventures Was Rained With Awards

Star Ventures, fourth prize in the Fast Company Startup Friendly Companies competition in 2022, Let It Comewith Fast CompanySecond prize in Best In-house Entrepreneurship, I DC TurkeyStartup Connector at the Future Enterprise Awards organized by “Best in Future Ecosytem”first prize in the category and Jobverse-Artificial Intelligenceand Recruitment with Metaverse “Best in Future of Work”received the third prize in the category.