Zehra Öney: The talent gap in technology is increasing

Women in Technology Association Leader Zehra Öney said that there is a great talent gap in new generation technologies with rapid digitalization, especially in artificial intelligence technologies with a market size of 391 billion dollars. Oney, a civilian…


Zehra Öney, the Leader of the Women’s Association in Technology, said that there is a great talent gap in the technology sector, especially in artificial intelligence and information science.

Öney, who participated in the Agenda Technology program, said, “According to TÜBİSAD information, artificial intelligence technology has reached a size of 391 billion dollars globally in 2021. I think it will go far beyond that in 2022, and we’ll find out soon. The word ‘artificial intelligence’ will be the most searched word of 2023. I believe it will be the focus of investments. According to KPMG reports, company presidents have a high investment interest in metaverse, Web 3, internet of things, 5G, cloud technologies. Although companies want to move to digitalization faster, they face a huge talent gap. By 2025, there will be a need for 3.1 million AI experts. New skills should be acquired or employee skills should be upgraded,” he said.

The umbrella of the Women’s Association in Technology under Pointing out that they have given specialization training to 3,000 young people in different fields of technology in a short time with Wtech Academy, Öney said, “As the Women’s Association in Technology, we have certified training programs on different technologies, free of charge, for anyone who wants it. We invite all our young people, male or female, who want to become experts in different fields of technology, to participate in certificate programs, especially in cyber security and information science. We want our young people to increase their competencies. At the same time, they can receive our employment reinforcement following the training. We are in cooperation with 161 institutions, 93 percent of the trainees are working in companies operating in the field of technology today.” made the statement.

Regarding the layoffs in the world of technology, Öney said, “Competition will increase in the midst of workforce and artificial intelligence-based technologies. Technology companies are going to shrink in the workforce with more than one automation. It’s not shrinking. There is a real trend towards unmanned models with automation. Therefore, it is inevitable for employees to increase their competencies.” made its assessment.

Cerebrum Technologies Leader Dr. Fazilet Erkul, on the impact of new technologies on the workforce, said, “Companies and business models benefit from artificial intelligence technologies. It provides positive results in terms of cost. We see the transformative effect of artificial intelligence technologies on companies as a reduction in costs and a transformation rate. According to research companies, the adoption rate of institutions to work with artificial intelligence has exceeded 1 percent globally. We see that companies allocate 10% of their budgets for digital transformation to artificial intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence automations and robotic technologies have begun to do repetitive jobs in the workforce. Some professions will disappear, but the demand for new professions related to technology is increasing, especially in the workforce, competence is very valuable.” said.